Direct Sales {Supporting Friends}

Imagine you’re out shopping for new makeup, like mascara. You get to the mall and are standing outside of Sephora. You’re not really sure what mascara you’re going to buy, but you know you NEED mascara {girls have needs}. Before you walk in, you notice your friend has a store right next to Sephora where she is selling makeup, including mascara {omg girl, I NEED mascara}.

Do you (A) Wave and walk into Sephora, ignoring her store and purchase your items at Sephora, (B) Walk into her store, see what she is selling, but still go into Sephora to buy your beloved mascara, or (C) Go into her store, see what she is selling, buy mascara from her store, maybe a few other items and hear about how she got started with her business?

What would you do in this instance? This scenario plays out EVERY DAY, but online. Our friends and acquaintances are taking a leap of faith every day on a new business venture. They might even muster up the courage to send us a message to ask us if we are interested in purchasing whatever they’re selling or joining their team. Continue reading “Direct Sales {Supporting Friends}”

Halloween Costume: DIY Duck

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I’ve always loved getting dressed up over the years and when we were little my mom did not disappoint with our halloween costumes. She always made them for us and we always had a theme.

When I was in high school, I took fashion design classes and learned how to sew. Those classes were the best thing I could have ever done, it taught me a skill that I have used throughout my entire life {or the past 15 years}. When I was in college, I made costumes for my roommates and myself; making 4 Army girl costumes was my best one and I couldn’t quite top that, but having my sewing machine and expertise was handy for all the theme parties we went to! 

Now onto present day, I’ve always been pretty crafty around the house (making pillows & curtains, reupholstering chairs, repainting furniture), but I was so excited for Jackson’s first “real” Halloween and to make him his costume {real because he was only 1-month old last year}.

I knew exactly what I wanted him to be… a duck. I was a duck for my first Halloween and I think it’s a cute “baby” costume. Also, how adorbs would a side by side pic be for FB?! {Haha, I completely forgot to do that due to Halloween exhaust #momfail}.

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Mom Bod Got You Down?

Mom bod. That’s a thing now. Remember the Dad bod craze? Yeah, that time it was cool to have a beer belly and non-defined pecs. I see you, Leo. {I’ll never let go}. Per usual, guys can get away with the Dad bod, but Moms are kinda given a look like {aww… she hasn’t gotten her body back yet}. NEWSFLASH, it’s NOT coming back. I’ve said goodbye, we’re cool. That was until Whitney Port stirred the pot and made me feel feelings again.

Whitney Port {does that name ring a bell}, yes, the Whitney Port from The Hills. Don’t you remember watching The Hills and thinking, ‘man, Whitney is gorgeous and has got it all together.’ Well, Whitney just had a baby not too long again and is taking to YouTube to share the ins and outs of being a new mom and not exactly having it all together {brutal honesty included}.

So… let’s chat about our Mom bods {and I don’t mean Getting Fit} more like, what’s never going back to how it was {a thing of the past, one might say}. Continue reading “Mom Bod Got You Down?”

Answering Questions from A Mother’s Google History {Vlog}

I came across this article from Huffington Post on A Sneak Peek into A Mother’s Google History. I decided, let’s take to the blog and answer these questions based on my experiences so far, but with a video!

What do you think about these Top Questions Asked by Moms on Google:

1. Is the epidural needle or natural labor worse?


3. When will the weight gain slow down?

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Friday Favorites: Moms Talk Motherhood

When I was pregnant, I scoured the internet looking for moms I could relate to. Whether it was how they were eating, working out, or preparing for the birth of their child, or how it was going for them postpartum. I wanted to know everything and be as informed as possible about being a mom. Now, we all know that nothing can quite prepare you for the birth of your child {nothing can prepare you for those giant pads & the bathroom situation}, but reading along with fellow moms definitely helped.

I’ve linked some like-minded moms below for you to check out:

Aryn from With Cream & Sugar {Musings on Motherhood} writes about how she found someone to help her parent, besides her mom. I love how Aryn shared her experience with the Boys Town Parenting tactics. I’m a huge fan of this organization, the school I used to work at used the same teaching methods.

Erin from Debt & Sweat makes some extra income by Flipping Furniture on Craigslist for Profit. Erin is one smart mom. She finds “trash treasure” and flips it {minimal TLC} and turns a profit. Check out her tips to making some extra cash {the staging tip is something I’ve never thought of}!

Laura from This Mom Blogs shares The Ultimate What to Take to the Hospital Checklist. I love that Laura breaks down her checklist {Mom, Dad, Baby} and I can attest to some of her recommendations. The nursing bra she shares {it’s legit} and how adorable is the mom pjs, robe, and matching baby gown?! Heading to the hospital soon {must read}.

Ryan from The Blessed Mess Blog gave us a glimpse into Our Experience with Sleep Training. Ryan proves that consistency is key with sleep training. I totally identified with her when she mentioned being awake the first few nights, waiting for her son to wake up {habit, ya know}.

Jenna from Becoming Calm {Calm Mom} shares with us about her Postpartum Journey. I love Jenna’s honesty about her postpartum journey. Often we see moms only sharing their highlight reel and how they stuck to a plan and got their pre-baby body back, but for most of us, it’s hard work and starting over and over again. For some real talk, see what Jenna has to say.

Roxanne from The Whatever Mom gives us 4 Reasons You Can & Will Get a Cleaning Lady. I totally agree with this post. We have a cleaning lady that comes in once a month to do the deep cleaning {I despise kitchens & bathrooms, especially floors} and it is such a relief. I’ll never give it up. If you can’t possibly add in a cleaning lady, try breaking down your cleaning tasks to 1-2 things each day with reminders {I use the app HabitList}, like tidy up Powder room every Monday, change & wash sheets on Sunday.

Sara from A Mom and Her Momtourage talks about the Little Things We Can Do to Help Our Littles Feel Even More Loved. Sara’s post was so touching and had some great ideas for making your child(ren) feel special. I can’t wait for the day when Jackson is old enough to help me make dinner, I will definitely involve him in that process. {A man’s gotta know how to cook!}

Finally, check out my journey at one year in with my son, Jackson. Nothing has been more amazing than being his mom, even in the chaos that is the first year.

Planner Obsessed: Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner {Product Review}

Emily Ley Simplified Planner, Navy with Gold Pineapples Emily Ley Simplified Planner, Navy with Gold Pineapples, Close Up

“Let me pencil you in {opens planner to the month two-page spread, then the individual page for that day}, looks like I’m free.” The planner I’m using is Emily Ley’s Simplified Life Planner (2017-2018) and it’s amazing. I’m a planner girl. I use my google calendar on my phone and computer for work, but for the rest of my life and breakdown of my days, I prefer to write it down {with a pencil on paper, old school, I know}.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner, Navy with Gold Pineapples Emily Ley Simplified Planner, Month tabs close up

Emily Ley came up on my Facebook feed {I assume due to friends liking the page too} and I watched one of her Facebook Live videos. I was hooked, I needed everything she’s ever made. She’s a mom of 3 {including a set of twins} who now runs her own company {planners} and an author {Grace, Not Perfection}. After watching that Facebook Live, I ordered one of her planners and her book “Grace, Not Perfection,” oh and I preordered her other book {Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living}.

Chelsea with Emily Ley Simplified Planner

They’re not cheap, but boy, are they amazing. If I could describe the perfect layout for a planner, this would be it. No more complaints of not enough room for the day and squeezing tons of details in one little 2″ x 2″ block. Nope. One whole page for the whole day, breaking down your day from 6am to 9pm, a to-do list, a notes section and a meals block for each day. What does your “to-do list” look like for the day? Does it include a workout, add it on there {remember I talked about scheduling your workouts in the past}.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner, Month Spread Emily Ley Simplified Planner, Day Hourly Breakdown, Close Up

My planner prayers have been answered. Bonus: There’s a pocket in the front and stickers too {Score}.Emily Ley Simplified Planner, Front Pocket, Stickers

I started reading her book too {Grace, Not Perfection} and man, talk about turning the lens inward. What I like about this book besides the constant reflection and funny anecdotes, is how it’s more of a workbook. She asks questions corresponding to the chapter/topic, and how you can make some changes to live your best life. Emily Ley, you get me {You had me at planner}.

If you’re in the market for a new planner, definitely check her out. And if you’re looking for a good nighttime read, look into “Grace, Not Perfection” and/or her new book coming out {I linked them above for you, Amazon Prime for the win}.

Mom Beauty: 5 Minute Makeup

I love makeup… when I wear it. Some days I have a full face on, some days I barely fill in my brows. Working from home a few days a week will do that to you. I have made progress from working in my pajamas though. {small victories} For the days that I am actually doing my makeup, I don’t have the time to sit in front of my mirror for very long. Compared to the nights in the past where I’d watch YouTube makeup tutorials {my fav gurl right here if you wanna get lost in a black hole} and mimic their every move… that was many moons ago.

Now, in full out mom mode, I like to keep things simple and I’ll add in a few optional items I use if I’m feeling fancy.

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ReStyle {Home Edition} Window Seat

We have an old house… like 100+ years old, but it’s very updated overall. One of my favorite spots when we found it was this awesome little nook at the front on the second floor, the window seat with bookshelves. {Swoon} Fun fact: It used to be a sewing room (like 6′ x 4′) before the wall was knocked down, now it brings in lots of light and is a cozy spot in our upstairs hallway.

I wish I remembered to use it more when I’m reading, but it’s pretty to look at each time I go upstairs. I wanted to recover the cushion, update the pillows, curtain rod, and put some simple sheers up. {We can’t have our neighbors see us walking around naked. I kid, I kid…}

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Little Blue Truck 1st Birthday: Amazon Prime, Etsy & Pinterest

Over the weekend we celebrated our son’s first birthday. It was chaos, but fun chaos. I originally thought we’d do a lumberjack-themed party because they had really cute ideas on Pinterest. Then, a fellow 1-year-old mom said they were doing her daughter’s favorite book theme for her party. What a great idea?! Jackson isn’t into many characters just yet, if any, but he is OBSESSED with his nighttime book, Little Blue Truck.

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A Year in Review: Becoming a Mom {Jackson}

Nothing can prepare you for what’s to come once you give birth to your first child. It’s kind of an odd experience when they place your baby on your chest and you’re {finally} face to face with the little being that has been growing inside you all those months. You lock eyes in disbelief and say to yourself, ‘I’m going to love this child with all my heart, all of my days.’ Continue reading “A Year in Review: Becoming a Mom {Jackson}”