About Me

Hola. I’m Chelsea, a “Basic Mom” to my son Jackson. When I’m not loving up on my hubby Kevin or telling my Golden Retriever, Walter, how awesome he is, you can find me being a total book nerd, working out, or whipping up something healthy in the kitchen! 

I’m a Shonda Rhimes Enthusiast and Bachelor/ette Super Fan. I’m just trying to figure out this new adventure of mommyhood and balancing it all, while still being awesome.

I currently work for a company called, Beyond BookSmart, who helps students become more effective with their academic demands and life in general. Prior to that, I spent 8 years at a k-12 special ed school in New Jersey as the Guidance Counselor and Assistant Principal.

My Master’s degree is in School Counseling and my Bachelor’s degree is in Psychology. I am passionate about working with children to develop social skills to match the demands of the ever-changing world.

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